Check_MK's public GIT repository

This is the public GIT repository of Check_MK, a unique Addon for Nagios developed by Mathias Kettner.
This also contains MK Livestatus, a new Nagios event broker module that is a very fast and efficient replacement for NDO.

You can create your local clone of Check_MK with:
git clone
descriptionCheck_MK - A Nagios addon for efficient remote monitoring including MK Livestatus
ownergit version control
last changeTue, 31 May 2016 14:55:36 +0000 (16:55 +0200)
4 hours ago Lars MichelsenAdded missing import master
4 hours ago Lars Michelsen3585 Implemented API for exporting the full host inventory
5 hours ago Sven PanneFetched Livestatus from downstream.
6 hours ago Simon Betz3632 oracle_performance: new check which displays some...
7 hours ago Simon Betzfixed params handling and cleanup
7 hours ago Sven PanneFetched Livestatus from downstream.
8 hours ago Simon Betz3631 cisco_fru_powerusage: new check which monitors...
8 hours ago Lars Michelsen3584 FIX check_mkevents: Fixed "failed to parse perfdat...
8 hours ago Simon Betz3630 FIX docsis_channels_upstream: fixed channel discovery
8 hours ago Mathias KettnerBetter styling of permission matrix in WATO roles module
10 hours ago Simon Betz3629 gude_relayport: new check which monitors the ON...
10 hours ago Lars Michelsen3583 FIX Fixed loosing some services after saving servi...
11 hours ago Lars Michelsen3582 FIX check_mail: Fixed issue with processing multip...
12 hours ago Simon Betz3628 emcvnx_mirrorview: new check which monitors the...
31 hours ago Lars Michelsen3581 mssql_versions: Added product name to inventory...
31 hours ago Sven PanneFixed the event daemon protocol, its implementation...
4 days ago v1.2.8p2 Official Release v1.2.8p2
2 weeks ago v1.2.8p1 Official Release v1.2.8p1
3 weeks ago v1.2.8 Official Release v1.2.8
4 weeks ago v1.2.8b13 Official Release v1.2.8b13
5 weeks ago v1.2.8b12 Official Release v1.2.8b12
6 weeks ago v1.2.8b11 Official Release v1.2.8b11
7 weeks ago v1.2.8b10 Official Release v1.2.8b10
8 weeks ago v1.2.8b9 Official Release v1.2.8b9
2 months ago v1.2.8b8 Official Release v1.2.8b8
2 months ago v1.2.8b7 Official Release v1.2.8b7
2 months ago v1.2.8b6 Official Release v1.2.8b6
2 months ago v1.2.8b5 Official Release v1.2.8b5
2 months ago v1.2.8b4 Official Release v1.2.8b4
3 months ago v1.2.8b3 Official Release v1.2.8b3
3 months ago v1.2.8b2 Official Release v1.2.8b2
3 months ago v1.2.8b1 Official Release v1.2.8b1
4 hours ago master
8 hours ago 1.2.8
3 months ago 1.2.6
3 months ago 1.2.7i3
4 months ago temperature
7 months ago 1.2.7i2
8 months ago 1.2.7i1
11 months ago elements
17 months ago 1.2.5i6
19 months ago 1.2.5i5
19 months ago 1.2.4
22 months ago 1.2.5i4
22 months ago 1.2.5i2
23 months ago 1.2.5i3
2 years ago 1.2.2
3 years ago 1.2.0