Check_MK's public GIT repository

This is the public GIT repository of Check_MK, a unique Addon for Nagios developed by Mathias Kettner.
This also contains MK Livestatus, a new Nagios event broker module that is a very fast and efficient replacement for NDO.

You can create your local clone of Check_MK with:
git clone
descriptionCheck_MK - A Nagios addon for efficient remote monitoring including MK Livestatus
ownergit version control
last changeFri, 31 Oct 2014 15:50:09 +0000 (16:50 +0100)
105 min ago Mathias Kettner#1482 FIX Fix exception when editing a visual of type... master
106 min ago Mathias KettnerReserved 5 Werk IDS
106 min ago Mathias Kettner #1481: Fix broken layout of Host-, Service- and Contac...
109 min ago Mathias KettnerMake styling of new dual list buttons more streamlined
3 hours ago Mathias KettnerUpdated bug entries #2222
3 hours ago Mathias KettnerReserved 10 bug IDS
3 hours ago Bastian Kuhn#1199 climaveneta_alarm: New check to display the alarm...
3 hours ago Lars MichelsenMerge branch 'master' of
3 hours ago Lars Michelsen#1168 FIX HTML mails can now be configured to display...
3 hours ago Mathias KettnerSmall fixes for climaventa checks
4 hours ago Bastian Kuhnadded missing files
4 hours ago Mathias KettnerUpdated werk description
4 hours ago Mathias Kettner#1480 FIX brocade_vdx_status: disable check on some...
4 hours ago Bastian Kuhn#1198 climaveneta_fan: New check for FAN speed on clima...
4 hours ago Mathias KettnerInventory sync now skips up-to-date files
4 hours ago Mathias Kettner#1479 liveproxyd: new function for collecting remote...
5 hours ago v1.2.5i6p1 Official Release v1.2.5i6p1
27 hours ago v1.2.5i6 Official Release v1.2.5i6
2 weeks ago v1.2.5i5p4 Official Release v1.2.5i5p4
7 weeks ago v1.2.5i5p3 Official Release v1.2.5i5p3
3 months ago v1.2.5i5p2 Official Release v1.2.5i5p2
3 months ago v1.2.5i5p1 Official Release v1.2.5i5p1
3 months ago v1.2.5i5 Official Release v1.2.5i5
3 months ago v1.2.5i4p2 Official Release v1.2.5i4p2
3 months ago v1.2.4p5 Official Release v1.2.4p5
3 months ago v1.2.5i4p1 Official Release v1.2.5i4p1
4 months ago v1.2.5i4 Official Release v1.2.5i4
4 months ago v1.2.4p4 Official Release v1.2.4p4
4 months ago v1.2.5i3 Official Release v1.2.5i3
5 months ago v1.2.4p3 Official Release v1.2.4p3
6 months ago v1.2.5i2p1 Official Release v1.2.5i2p1
6 months ago v1.2.4p2 Official Release v1.2.4p2
104 min ago 1.2.5i6
105 min ago master
2 weeks ago 1.2.5i5
2 weeks ago 1.2.4
3 weeks ago reporting
2 months ago webapi
3 months ago 1.2.5i4
3 months ago dashedit
3 months ago 1.2.5i2
4 months ago 1.2.5i3
4 months ago histcache
6 months ago innovation
6 months ago agents
8 months ago rbn
8 months ago inv
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