Check_MK's public GIT repository

This is the public GIT repository of Check_MK, a unique Addon for Nagios developed by Mathias Kettner.
This also contains MK Livestatus, a new Nagios event broker module that is a very fast and efficient replacement for NDO.

You can create your local clone of Check_MK with:
git clone
descriptionCheck_MK - A Nagios addon for efficient remote monitoring including MK Livestatus
ownergit version control
last changeTue, 26 May 2015 15:17:30 +0000 (17:17 +0200)
20 hours ago Goetz GollaUpdated bug entries #2301 master
22 hours ago Goetz GollaUpdated bug entries #2300
22 hours ago Bastian KuhnMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
22 hours ago Bastian Kuhnalcatel_fans: Hopefully the last syntax fix
22 hours ago Lars MichelsenTescommit
22 hours ago Lars MichelsenMerge branch 'master' of
22 hours ago Lars MichelsenTescommit
23 hours ago Bastian KuhnMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
23 hours ago Bastian Kuhnhitachi_hus_status: Fixed case of OK
23 hours ago Bastian Kuhnalcatel_fans: changed var names
23 hours ago Andreas Boesl#2278 FIX printer_supply: now able to toggle the point...
24 hours ago Bastian Kuhnhitachi_hus_status: Minor code changes
24 hours ago Bastian Kuhnalcatel_fans: Support for python 2.4
24 hours ago Bastian Kuhnhitachi_hus_status: initial version of check
26 hours ago Bastian KuhnEdited werk
26 hours ago Bastian Kuhnalcatel_fans: New check to monitor fans on alcatel...
6 days ago v1.2.6p4 Official Release v1.2.6p4
8 days ago v1.2.6p3 Official Release v1.2.6p3
4 weeks ago v1.2.6p2 Official Release v1.2.6p2
6 weeks ago v1.2.6p1 Official Release v1.2.6p1
2 months ago v1.2.6 Official Release v1.2.6
2 months ago v1.2.6b12 Official Release v1.2.6b12
2 months ago v1.2.6b11 Official Release v1.2.6b11
3 months ago v1.2.6b10 Official Release v1.2.6b10
3 months ago v1.2.6b9 Official Release v1.2.6b9
3 months ago v1.2.6b8 Official Release v1.2.6b8
3 months ago v1.2.6b7 Official Release v1.2.6b7
4 months ago v1.2.6b6 Official Release v1.2.6b6
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5 months ago v1.2.6b5 Official Release v1.2.6b5
5 months ago v1.2.6b4 Official Release v1.2.6b4
5 months ago v1.2.6b3 Official Release v1.2.6b3
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23 hours ago 1.2.6
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