Check_MK's public GIT repository

This is the public GIT repository of Check_MK, a unique Addon for Nagios developed by Mathias Kettner.
This also contains MK Livestatus, a new Nagios event broker module that is a very fast and efficient replacement for NDO.

You can create your local clone of Check_MK with:
git clone
descriptionCheck_MK - A Nagios addon for efficient remote monitoring including MK Livestatus
ownergit version control
last changeFri, 29 Aug 2014 15:33:36 +0000 (17:33 +0200)
29 min ago Bruhns, ThorstenFixed shell expansion and lower problem in mk_oracle_crs master
86 min ago Mathias Kettnerdocsis_downstream_channels: better output for Perf...
88 min ago Mathias KettnerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
88 min ago Mathias Kettnerdocsis_downstream_channels: disable frequency check...
118 min ago Andreas Boeslfixed indent
2 hours ago Mathias KettnerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2 hours ago Mathias Kettner#1150 netstat: new check for monitoring TCP/UDP connect...
3 hours ago Lars MichelsenTrying to fix too small input fields for date/time...
5 hours ago Mathias Kettnerdocsis: remove print statement
5 hours ago Mathias Kettnerdocsis-checks: converted WATO rules to floats for dBmV
5 hours ago Mathias Kettnerdocsis-checks: fix some computations
6 hours ago Mathias KettnerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
6 hours ago Mathias Kettnertcp_conn_stats: fix missing performance values
24 hours ago Goetz GollaMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
24 hours ago Goetz Golla#0651 FIX f5_bigip_interfaces: indentation error and...
26 hours ago Mathias KettnerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
4 weeks ago v1.2.5i5p2 Official Release v1.2.5i5p2
4 weeks ago v1.2.5i5p1 Official Release v1.2.5i5p1
4 weeks ago v1.2.5i5 Official Release v1.2.5i5
7 weeks ago v1.2.5i4p2 Official Release v1.2.5i4p2
8 weeks ago v1.2.4p5 Official Release v1.2.4p5
8 weeks ago v1.2.5i4p1 Official Release v1.2.5i4p1
2 months ago v1.2.5i4 Official Release v1.2.5i4
2 months ago v1.2.4p4 Official Release v1.2.4p4
2 months ago v1.2.5i3 Official Release v1.2.5i3
2 months ago v1.2.4p3 Official Release v1.2.4p3
4 months ago v1.2.5i2p1 Official Release v1.2.5i2p1
4 months ago v1.2.4p2 Official Release v1.2.4p2
4 months ago v1.2.5i2
4 months ago v1.2.4p1 Official Release v1.2.4p1
5 months ago v1.2.5i1 Official Release v1.2.5i1
6 months ago v1.2.4 Official Release v1.2.4
29 min ago master
3 days ago 1.2.5i5
8 days ago 1.2.4
2 weeks ago webapi
4 weeks ago 1.2.5i4
4 weeks ago dashedit
8 weeks ago 1.2.5i2
2 months ago 1.2.5i3
2 months ago histcache
4 months ago innovation
4 months ago agents
6 months ago rbn
6 months ago inv
7 months ago emc
9 months ago 1.2.2
17 months ago 1.2.0